Daycares United is a group of childcare centers in Massachusetts that are petitioning local and state authorities on the behalf of the daycare industry. Join us in our effort to support our industry!

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Governor Baker,

I am writing you on behalf of daycare owners and early childhood center directors, highly concerned about the families and neighborhoods in which we serve. We provide care for the youngest members of our communities, allowing parents to have a safe and secure environment for their children, and enabling them to function as working members in our economy. We meet a crucial need of first responders in the battle against COVID-19, allowing medical personnel, grocery workers, police, and mail carriers to continue to fulfill their essential services, whilst having the needs of their children provided for. Our childcare centers are in crisis, and we need your help.

Eight weeks ago, many of us were preparing spring curriculums and gardening projects, however within a few short days, everything had changed and we entered a fight for survival. On April 1st, revenues took a nosedive or disappeared entirely as our justification for providing services to our families was gone. In the anticipation of a 2-week closure, the majority of us continued to pay our staff full wages in the hopes of re-opening soon.

As things continued to take a darker turn, and faced with an indefinite closure, our centers struggle with the inability to produce revenue. 60-80% of standard costs in the childcare industry go towards making payroll and rent. For those few of us who were able to secure PPP funds, we’ve grasped a lifeline, but the majority who did not fear the death kneel over a business that we’ve scrapped and saved to build, having put in years of toil and risk to survive, only to find it dissipating in front of our eyes while we watch it fall away.

We are proud of the leadership that you have shown as our Governor. However, we need your assistance. With over 2,300 licensed childcare centers in the state of Massachusetts, we are unable to operate. For those of us who operate emergency care facilities, we are extremely grateful for the state grant which has been provided, however, for many of us it has resulted in further financial loss, as the grant is not enough to cover the full payroll to provide care to emergency care providers, not to speak of rent, utilities, and other infrastructure costs.

We are asking for the following ways to help us:

-Provide a seat at the table for early childhood centers in the
Reopening Committee

-Enact a tax reimbursement for commercial landlords to abate rent for 90 days or a state subsidy to landlords to cover rent, and a mandated rent moratorium for all childcare centers throughout the state.

-Establish a grant program to sustain our industry and cover our liabilities

-Authorize a formal reopening schedule for childcare centers on a full or partial day basis.

-Release funds to childcare centers from the early childhood fund
which was received by the state of Massachusetts

Daycares and early childhood centers provide a needed service to our community, not only to offer quality educational services to the most impressionable among us, but to provide a means and opportunity for parents to work. Our caregivers operate in this field out of a sheer love for the children they come in contact with every day. However, childcare centers are in crisis, and under threat of closing permanently throughout our state.  We need your help so that when we make the inevitable transition back into the new normal, the childcare centers in our communities are still around to provide services. We will continue to serve our communities, and we ask for your help now in our time of need.

Christopher Vuk – Rock and Roll Daycare

Karen LaFrance – Kiddie Academy® of Framingham

Jennifer Silva – Shrewsbury KinderCare

Sijia Wang –   Panda Bilingual Daycare

Heather Evans – Up and Up Play Academy

Kimberley Lannin – Inch by Inch Child Care

Jeffrey May – Precious Ones Child Care Center and Preschool

Tracy Hatfield – Curious Kids Childcare

Christy Higgins – Little Ones Child Care

Jatinder Kaur – Little Star Child Care Center

Jason Robertson – The Arbors Kids

Cheri J. Curran – World of Learning Children’s Center 

Anita Martignetti Sassi – Launch & Learn EduCare Center

Eileen Rakhunov – A to Z Child Care and Preschool, Inc.

Liz Molloy – Our Redeemer Child Care Center

Rebecca DesJardins – Super Stars Learning Center

Bob Doiron – Growing Room Child Development Center of Berlin

Tonya Stump – Little Stars Learning Center

Emma LaVecchia – Pine Village Preschool

Felsy Palma – Little Nest Red and Blue Child Care

Chhimi Gurung and Tenzin Norgay  – Diki Shining Star

Bobbi Rougeau – Alphabet Soup Childcare Center

Nicole Pierce – Loves Learning Childcare Center

Christy Higgins – Little One’s Child of Sterling

Jennifer Dolan – Little Angels Academy Dracut

Stephen Markarian – Caterpillar Clubhouse Childcare & Preschool

Karen Beswick – Shannah Montessori School

Cherylanne Walters – Little Flyers Learning Center

Linda Hassapis – Peabody Magical Beginnings

Linda Silvio – Adventures Preschool

Hala Nasif – Twinkle Little Star

Michelle Kayyal – Stars of Tomorrow Early Learning Center

Felsy Palma – LittleNest Red & Blue

Vicki Leblanc – Piccolo Mondo

Summer Martins – ABC Learning Childcare

Fred Lee – The Goddard School

Erin Gannon – Kiddie Academy of Stoughton

Liane Caples – Creative Minds Early Learning Centers

Wayne Perkins – Creative Corner School

Tanya Donahue – Lil’ Munchkins Child Care & Preschool

Todd Curlett – Cedar Street Kids Club & Ashland Early Education

Daniela Santos – Greater Visions Children’s Center

Rebecca Jardin – Loves Learning

Stacey Cook – Majestic Harbor Childcare Centers

Tracey Nardone – Early Childhood Preschool & Learning Center

David Morris – Smart Lunches

Mara and Daniel Coelho -Tree House Academy

Anna Nativ – The Wonder Years Learning Center

Colleen Maloney-Benedix  – Puddle Duck Day Care Inc

Amy Conant-Greene – Country Kids Child Care LLC

Tracy Lo – My Little Best Friends

Brid Martin – Pine Village Preschool

Etty Brown – Etty’s Early Child Development Inc

Teresa Greeberg & Paolo Simmons – Early Risers

Jordan Bleicher & Dahrika Guerette – Rock & Roll Daycare East Cambridge

Hilda Torres – My Little Best Friends Early Learning Center

Laura Harrington – Discovery Village Child Care Center, Inc.

Linda Hassapis – Magical Beginnings

Jessica – Little Discoveries

Brenda McClay – Bright Ideas Childcare

Danielle Langer – Little Hands Academy

Heidi Pelletier – Wee Folk Farm LLC

Elizabeth Noguera – Elizabeth’s Daycare And Preschool Center

Michelle Packard – The Children’s Village Inc.

Olga Holly – Three Apples Montessori School, Northborough

Susan Dunn – Early Childhood School of Georgetown

Erin Bradley

Tina Morris – Lynnfield Children’s Center

Olivia Wise – Discovery Village Child Care Center

Amy Phillips – The Learning Child Home Care

Margaret Sukiennik – Sunny Bear Academy

Julie Brearley – Julie’s Daycare

Fiona Keating – AlphaTots Family Daycare

Julie Gagnon – Little Ones Child Care

Amita Mehta – Safarikid

Lisa Cura – Little One’s of Sterling

Kelly Hiraldo – Angela’s Preschool and Daycare LLC

Yulma Jimenez – Discovery Village

Joshua Weinberg – Superstars Learning Center

Andrew Kessler – Country Kids 

Alayna Paquin – Little One Child Care

Michelle Davis – Michelle’s Little Treasures

Tracy Yurewicz – Whispering Pines Family Childcare

Jennifer Lewis

Jessica Haley

Shannon Hanifin and Angela Biron – Little Trails Learning Center

Kimberly Brouthers – Little Doodles Daycare

Lisa Stevenson – Poppets Early Learners Childcare

Deborah Halcott – Deborah Halcott Family Daycare

Peggy Kuhs – Pine Village Preschool

Christine Tedesco – Chris’ Family Day Care

Heather Baranick

Cerissa Ruggiero – Rising Star Preschool, LLC

Maureen Myers – Little Voices

Jennifer Quinn – Sunshine Country Day School

Joelle Lydon – Family Child Care

Sara Salzberg

Maureen Raymond

Mary Pat

Susan Jensen

Susana Maciel

Cheryl Fritts – Comfort of Home Daycare

Laura Hough – Little Voice ECE

Heidi Sopp – Garden City Children’s Center of Beverly

Jennifer  Benoit – Small Wonders Childcare and Preschool

Heather McDevitt – Brown Bear Academy

Sandra Smith – Happy Day Child Care Center

Emily Vieira – Mill Brook Country Day School Inc

Ashley Our – Three Harbors Preschool

Ginny Azzolino – KidstopE.C.Ctr.

Allyssa Crawford – The Barnyard of School of Mansfield

Mary Grimmer Little – Treasures Schoolhouse

Krista  Landsman – Luminous Learners

Holly Sheuls – Kidbridge Learning Center

Michelle Martin

Susan Leger-Ferraro – Imagine That

Debbi Fendell – Gan Aliyah Preschool

Amy Fowler – Cherubs Child Development Center

Kim Wilcox – Family Childcare

Kennedy Darcy – The Magical Years Early Learning Center, Inc.

Steven Freitas – CHAPS Inc.

Cynthia Prete – Early Minds Child Care, Inc.

Julie Doyle

Angela Arsenault – The Children of Tomorrow Inc.

Sean Higgins – Little Ones Child Care

Diane Stefaniak

Sherri Patrie – Abundant Life

Robin Damas – Abundant Life Christian School and Learning Center

Jessica Scanzillo – Little Steps Learning Center, LLC

Michael Leonard – Easel

Heidi Sopp – Garden City Children’s Center 

Ruth Januario – Children’s Paradise, Inc

Robin  McLaughlin – Little Treasures Schoolhouse

Michael Gustafson – Atlas Academy

Charlie Marcotty & Marcy Smith Lee – First Circle Learning Centers

Linda Russo – Creative Learning Center

Monica Lanziero – World of Wonder Pre-School

Ashley  Routhier – The Learning Ladder Preschool

Jake  Hikk – Treetops Montessori, Hillcrest Montessori

Donna Riley – Mrs. Murray’s Nursery School

Sherri DeLucca – Pitter Patter Academy

Margie Gibson – Reading Baptist Day School

Jaceolyn Norton – Framingham Centre Nursery School

Tina Holland – Tinas Little Angels

Jessica  Teixeira – Imagination Station

Rosa  Cabral – Children’s Paradise Inc

Linda Najarian – Dove’s Nest DayCare

Catherine Ham – Little Wonders

Michelle Packard – The Children’s Village Inc.

Melissa  Dones – The Carousel of Learning

Jamie Torelli – Shining Stars Learning Center

Deborah Dobens – YMCA

Lisa Adams – StoryTree

Tina Cerulo – Kiddie Academy of Burlington

Jason Silver – Small World Preschool

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