Our Mission

Daycares United is a collaborative group of Early Childhood Educators and Program Owners in Massachusetts who are committed to working together in unity to advocate for the needs of early childhood educators in our state so that we may best serve the children and families in our communities.

Our Vision

We believe that advocacy on behalf of early childhood educators is needed to unite us in our efforts to raise childcare and early education as an integral part of the state educational landscape. As one voice, united in our commitment, we represent the importance of early childhood programing and the value it brings to communities in our state.

Here’s How We Care

RIghts for children

We believe that the future of society is connected with the child as unconditionally as the effects are connected with its causes.

Support for Centers

Advocating on behalf of private pay and subsidized centers alike, we are a united voice for the childcare industry of Massachusetts.

Help for providers

Acknowledging that early childhood education is a challenging business endeavor, we provide resources and help for new and experienced programs alike.